Candidate for All D64 Students!

Lisa Page Candidate for D64 School Board

It's time to turn the PAGE!

About Me

Park Ridge Native


I graduated from Park Ridge public schools, returned to Park Ridge to raise my own family because I believe in our school system. I work in a Park-Ridge based group, practicing clinical and consulting psychology. 

Organizational Experience


Before returning to school to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology, I worked as an internal corporate consultant and as an external consultant applying organizational psychology practices to workplace environments, including strategic planning, succession planning and development, employee engagement practices and acted as an executive coach and mentor. I also have six years experience sitting on the board of the Illinois Psychological Association where I held several leadership positions. 

Significant Crisis Management


Following the terrorist attacks of 9/11 I led the crisis intervention for pilots and flight attendants that had been stranded around the world. I then flew to Newark, New Jersey where two of the flights had left from, in order to provide direct services to the three New York area domiciles. Since that time I have started an Antiviolence Task Force for the Illinois Psychological Association and supported other organizations in preventing acts of mass-violence.